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Monument on Mars - The Startling Truth!

In 1977, a NASA spaceship sent back this startling image of what looks like a huge face on the surface of Mars.

Post Hides Balloney
1977 resolution

Subsequent study reveals this monument is the size of the great pyramids at Giza.

Speculation and theory abound at just who or what constructed this tremendous structure.

Post Hides Balloney

2012 resolution

The image at the left was sent back to earth from the current Mars Orbiter mission. This particular image was intercepted and forwarded to Mr. Balloney by a fellow who works in the Defense Intelligence Agency. NASA will not publicly release this image!

This high resolution photo is of the same structure as above. The facts in this case speak for themselves and ask new questions. Just who is this creature? How can a Martian be so handsome? What other secrets are awaiting us?