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The B-Files

FBI Agent Billy Balloney, assigned to the elite Federal team of investigators looking in to strange and bizarre occurrences, try to find answers to elusive mysteries.

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the truth is way out there

Cases Agent Balloney has worked includes:

  • The Missing Socks Caper - or "The Maytag Black Hole"
  • The Dress Size of J.Edgar Hoover
  • Can Dan Quail Chew Bubble Gum and Remain Upright?
  • How Can He Get Barbie to Be His Alone?
Photo of thumb
Alien photo

The first alien photo taken by Agent Balloney in 1962 near Millers Grove, Mass. Some would claim this a fraud - due to the large sum of money paid by the National Enquirer. We think not.

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The second photo taken a year later of the alien craft in the process of creating a crop circle in a tomato field. The craft is clearly labeled "UFO" - Truly an authentic photo of a UFO.

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The last photo is of an bigfoot named Ooofalot. In the bigfoot tongue it's name means, "One Who Makes Great Stink". Mr. Balloney was said to be able to get this photo by tricking the bigfoot into thinking Mr. Balloney was one of his own by not using deodorant.