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Billy Balloney discovers the Higg's

Billy Balloney finally captures a Higg's Bozo

Billy Balloney with Mr. Higgs
Billy Balloney with Mr. Higg (cell phone photo courtesy Megan Blitzer)

Today Billy Balloney announced he's found the Higg's Bozo. Mr. Balloney said it took him only a few Google searches

"I realized I was on to something when I saw an ad for party favors."

From there it was a few short clicks to finding Mr. Higg. "I really don't know what all the fuss was about" stated Mr. Balloney. "I hear they spent billions of dollars looking for this guy."

For his part Mr. Higg said, "I'm not really sure what this is all about, but the publicity is good for business."

When a reporter mentioned the facility in Switzerland built to find the Higgs Boson Mr. Balloney retorted that if they'd done things his way they wouldn't have had to build anything. "They'd have found him in Fort Wayne and not built that place in Africa."

Mr. Balloney is negotiating for the prize money for finding the Higg's Bozo. He was trying to keep things quite, but a fan took a photo of him entering the TV studio with Mr. Higg.

Mr. Balloney also commented on dark matter. "I have a closet at home that's completely dark. So what?"