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Bill E. Balloney M.D. - or The Island of Doctor Balloney

Years ago, many - many years ago - Mr. Balloney (then Dr.Balloney), was involved in human experiments that went horribly wrong.

Doc Balloney's Island
Dr. Balloney Welcomes You

Mr. Balloney was trying to create a being, a super being, with fantastic capabilities. He got the idea watching the Six Million Dollar man. Mr. Balloney studied DNA, RNA, and the NBA in search of something that would give humans superhuman attributes.

Mr. Balloney was thrown out of the Jamaican correspondence school for Medicine because of his unusual ideas.

He left to set up his experiments on a deserted island. The island, named The Island of Dr. Moreau gradually became known as "Isle of Balloney". Some of the horrible consequences of his work can be seen below.


The images below are frightening. Parents with small children and adults with weak stomachs should be advised. We feel it is important to reveal the truth about the then Dr. Balloney's horrid experiments. We must add Mr. Balloney was acting in the interest of mankind and could have no idea just how awfully wrong his experiments could have gone.

Used Non-Potable Water
DNA mixed with potato growth hormone
Accidently mixed human DNA with a donkey's
Intelligence genes accidently wiped out