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Profile of an Olympian

Created with cheap plastic and a speach impediment, Mr. Balloney has overcome many obsticles to become the puppet he is today.

Olympian Effort

He is the first puppet to participate in the Olympics in the new catagory - the 100 meter freefall.

Friends of Mr. Balloney first got him interested in the "Freefall" sport encouraging Mr. Balloney to jump off sidewalks, fences, and single story structures. With much support from his friends he lobbied the International Olympic Commitee for years.

Finally, the IOC allowed Mr. Balloney to participate in the first ever 100 meter freefall event. Unfortunately, Mr. Balloney was unable to compete due to injuries suffered in his first 100 meter freefall training jump.

As soon as Mr. Balloney recovers he will go back in training for the next Olympics in London. We salute his Olympic spirit and wish him the best.