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The Puppet Formally Known as "Bill"

symbol, formally known as Billy Balloney, remains as always an enigmatic figure.

Sporting the latest trend

Always a trend setter uses every opportunity to see and be seen with the upper echelon of the hoity toity crowd.

Owing to his Hollywood roots, can be seen with the likes of Arnold Schwartz, Bruce Willit, Domi Moore, Rob Stewart and others.

a famous trend setter, always leads rather than follows.

As said in a 2011 interview with NBC Dateline, "It is better to lead than to weed". Thousands have followed in the little puppets footsteps of trend setting - Harley Davidson motorcycles, tattoos, cigars - and now the latest trend is beginning - brass spikes through the cranium.

expects this to be the next great trend among Hollywood folks.

Some say he's stupid. No, just tooting music to his own kazoo.