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Analitical Balloney - Polyethylene Psychiatrics

Come lay down and let therapist Balloney assist you with your problems

Couch Potato
Click on Billy's yellow pad to peek at his notes!

Therapist Balloney was trained by the well known Escuela De Theraputista Correspondencia in the Carribian Isle of Santo Domingo.

Therapist Balloney wants to assure his clients that the U.S. Justice Departments probe into the alleged illegal activities of the Escuela De Theraputista Correspondencia will have no effect on the professional care that therapist Balloney offers.

Therapist Balloney offers a wide range of services:

  • Past Life Digressions
  • Find Your Inner Child - and Spank Him
  • Certified Barbie Doll Sex Therapist

!!!Phobias!!! He can help you with the following phobias:

  • Psychocurrency phobia - Fear of spending money for a therapist
  • Psychopolyethelphobia - Fear of plastic therapists
  • Psychocorrespondentia - Fear of therapists trained at correspondence schools
  • Psychocurrolyethelspondentia - Fear of spending money for plastic therapist trained at a correspondence school

Pet Help:

  • Dog bites - I can't help with this but it my lawyer likes the additional income
  • Gerbal Trauma specialist
  • Ween your pet shark from human prey

**Due to a Supreme Court decision last month, Therapist Balloney would like to ask that people cease calling the number he has to contact him (011-hot-call).

***Therapist Balloney will have a phone as soon as the Phone Company restores his service.