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Film Producer Extraodinaire

"Four Hundred Million bucks for a dang movie?"

This is what Mr. Balloney had for a comment when he found out the cost of the recent movie Titanic. Mr. Balloney went on to say that he produced, directed, and filmed his own version of the movie Titanic for two dollars and eighty nine cents.

Titanic Animation
Mr. Balloney's version of Titanic saved almost $400 million!

This is not the only time Mr. Balloney has done fiducially conservative films. He did War and Peace for $4.38, The New Testament for $2.83, and Waterworld for 53 cents.

To the left you can see Mr. Balloney's version of Titanic. Asked how he did it Mr. Balloney responded, "You get rid of the actors, just feeding them will make you broke - you control the writing - pencils add up, and for God's sake, you get cheap help."

The ship was made from a bar of Lava soap, the iceberg was an old potato. It was filmed in one take.