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Tomuchgooy Madness

Now is your chance to see the exclusive Billy Balloney Tomuchgooy prototypes!

Let's take a look at this wonderful new Billy Balloney Tomuchgooy collection. Remember, you'll never see this on the Home Shopping Network.

Camp Worker
Chinese Prison Camp Worker

Here we have Yin Yang Ling, a hapless Chinese prison camp worker. You have Yin Ling dig post holes for the new Great Cyclone Fence of China. See how many holes you can make him dig with the minimum of rice. Even if he dies you can get extra points if he has organs that can be harvested!

Juana at work
Cathey Lee Makes a Profit

Twelve year old Juana works hard to produce clothes she could never dream of affording! You make her produce as many quality pieces of clothing as you can before she succumbs to diphtheria. If you manage to get 200 pants finished in one day you'll see a bonus Cathey Lee giggle as she makes another 10,000 dollars! Don't feed Juana too much! She only has a limited supply of stale tortillas.

Rockin' Johnny Rocko
Rockin' Johnny Rocko

Rocking Johnny Rocko is on the Heavy Metal circuit. See how many cities Johnny can tour without overdosing on heroin or collapsing from exhaustion on-stage. You loose points for every sexually transmitted decease Johnny gets so make sure he doesn't run out of condoms. You can purchase more heroin in Fresno, watch out for the Narc's though, Johnny can't make his tour dates in county jail!