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The Truth About Wylie Post

Charles Lindberg, Jackie Cochran, Doug Davis, Howard Hughes, Wylie Post, and Billy Balloney. All famous names in the early glory days of aviation. Yet, the dark secret remains - without a little puppet man named Bill E. Balloney, none of these aviators would have gone to the heights they attained.

You see, the dark secret is due to puppetism, no one wanted to know that a little plastecine man could acheive the amazing things he did. Instead, others would take credit for his acheivements.

Most of the proof has been wiped from the records, or denied outright. Some of the most compelling evidence that was found involved the famous aviator, Wylie Post.

In 1933, Post made a "solo" flight around the world in his Lockheed Vega, named Winnie Mae. No one knew Billy Balloney was actually at the controls. Wylie Post was not able to fly at all, but was a figurehead for Mr. Balloney's adventures.

Post Hides Balloney
The hide

This image was caught as Wylie Post attempted to hide Mr. Balloney with his coat. The photographer raced to the plane trying to get an exclusive shot - little did he know he actually captured one of the greatest secrets of aviation. Post was able to cover Mr. Balloney with his coat before any more photos were taken.

Helmet over Balloney
Publicity shot gone awry

Another photo where Wylie Post is hiding Mr. Balloney during a hastally arranged publicity shoot. Post did some quick thinking and hid Mr. Balloney under his helmet.

Inspector checks plane
Almost caught

Wylie Post's deception was almost descovered here when an inspector hearing that a puppet was actually at the controls of his plane goes to inspect for himself. Mr. Balloney was hiding in the glove compartment when this photo was taken.

plane crash
No Balloney, no fly

Unfortunately, to prove Mr. Post could actually fly, he was made to fly the aircraft. As you can tell from this photo, the results without the polyethelene man were not good.