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Billy Balloney and Howard

Another person who owes much to Mr. Balloney is the billionaire Howard Hughes.

Again history leaves a huge gap with respect to Mr. Balloney.

The Balloney Historical Foundation was given the photo shown below by a secret donor. The photo clearly shoes the real version of the famous Howard Hughes photo taken of his record breaking aircraft.

The Balloney Historical Foundation's research turned up the incident which lead a brief tiff with the Billionaire and the Balloney Man. Mr. Balloney was tired of not getting any credit, not to mention the starlets who'd love to find a famous aviator.

Billy Falls from Plane. Again.
Billy and Howard

During the publicity photo session Mr. Balloney became irate and was trying to tell the press the truth that he actually flies the aircraft and not Hughes. The press didn't care and believed Hughes explanation that Mr. Balloney was simply a disgruntled lavatory attendent. After all, Hughes was a much more dramatic figure - and back then puppetism prevented Mr. Balloney from many of the avenues available to puppets today.

The unretouched photo of the spat between Hughes and Balloney. Hughes carried his fedora to hide Balloney from public view during Balloney's frequent outbursts at the time.