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Big Daddy-O Balloney

First ever interview with Daddy-O Balloney.

In this first ever interview with The Big Daddy-O Balloney for the New Yuck Times Book Review, we will uncover the inner workings of one of the world's foremost coffee house poets.

The photo below was taken at his last performance or "blab" as The Big Daddy-O calls it. The photographer is Phat Cat, the world renowned photographer of the Beat Poets.

Beat Poet Balloney
Photo by PHAT CAT

NYT - Mr. Balloney,
BB - Please baby, call me Big B!

NYT - Mr. Big B, what do you say to your critics that your book of poems, "Cosmic Dust" dedicated to belly button lint, is a trite attempt at literature.
BB - I ain't responsible for what the "critics" say - Critics! You know what "critics" are Daddy-O? They're a bunch of literary leaches who don't know something good even if it was purple and sung the Star Spangled Banner in Swahili!

NYT - So you say that "Cosmic Dust" will hold it's own?
BB - It's already a classic man! Just think of the concept man! Cosmic dust, belly button lint, don't you see the connection man! It's way out cool, waaaaay out cool. Hey man, you know those cat's in New Guinea - those head hunter cats? You know those cats don't wear clothes, and they STILL have belly button lint man! It's cosmic man, cosmic.

NYT - Would you please read an excerpt from one of you poems?
BB - Cool Daddy-O.

Above my trousers
Below my head

Belly button lint.
Now all has been said

NYT - Thank you Big B.
BB - Cool, now hand over your lint like you promised!

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