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Slices of Balloney Wisdom

Like Mayonnase in an egg sandwich, Mr. Balloney has much wisdom to spread around.

Here is just some of Mr. Balloney's delicate wisdom:

  • "It's better to lead than to weed."
  • "Even a broken clock is right twice a day." (On people who are "Know-it-alls")
  • "I think therefore I am, I am, therefore I am online."
  • "Life is hard - but maybe not as hard as a Macadamia nut shell."
  • "Don't swallow anything larger than your head."
  • "The saying, "Buy High and Sell Low" doesn't mean when you're under the influence."
  • "Only wash with mild soap and water - acetone hurts."
  • "There ARE things that are free in life:"
    • "Bad advice from relatives"
    • "Bad advice from friends"
    • "Bad advice"
    • "Used bubblegum"
  • "I'm NOT and ANIMAL! I am a PUPPET!"
  • "Always put the topmost lid up on the toilet before you use it."
  • "Duck, when you spit into the wind."