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Welcome to the World of Billy Balloney

Painting of William E Balloney
Painting by the famous Hungarian artist Czabo Nektytootyt

This site will surprise and shock you. The foundations of your very beliefs will be shaken. So if you have the gumption, the passion for the truth, and if there is nothing good on TV... proceed

Welcome to the site of the most influential puppet of the 21st century. What you will see and learn will astound and amaze you.

Photo Portrait of Mr. Balloney
William E Balloney

You will come away not only more informed about puppets contributing to world history, but you'll be made aware that history would be much different if it had not been for puppets like Billy Balloney.

Mr. Balloney has made inroads into art, engineering, design, philosophy and many other fields. History is repleat with Balloney connections.

Photo Portrait of Mr. Balloney
William E Balloney

You'll come away from this site a better person for having visited. You'll appreciate what a little polyethylene in plaid can do for the world.